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Poker Bonus Hunting Guide 2024

If you are like most poker players, one of the things that drew you into the poker world is the ability to make money! After all, money is the way we keep score at the poker table. In other articles we have shown how anyone can make more money playing low limit poker, than working a part time job.

Regardless of your level of play, you still want to make sure you get the most out of your money. A great way to ensure you are getting the best possible deposit bonuses is to use the art of Poker Bonus Hunting.

Poker bonus hunting is the process of switching from one poker site to the next in order to clear sign-up bonuses and other promotions, also commonly referred to as ‘bonus whoring’. Don’t ever sign up to a poker room without getting a special offer such as a Deposit Bonus or Rakeback.

Before we get into the art of Bonus Hunting, I wanted to list the best 2024 Deposit Bonus and VIP Promotion Package deals for all the major poker rooms. We will keep this list up to date daily. We do this for two reasons:

#1 – To keep our members updates on the best bonus codes

#2– This ensure you always know this site is up to date with the best promotion

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Top 10 Poker Rooms of 2024

How Do you start Poker Bonus Hunting?

New poker players need all the help they can get when they’re first starting to build up a bankroll. Most start out with fairly conservative bankrolls and releasing bonuses is timely and immensely helpful when you are still learning the game.

First, let’s discuss some of the benefits of poker bonus hunting. The obvious advantage to new players is to make some money to boost their poker bankroll. All reputable online poker rooms offer nice sign up bonuses to attract new players.

It’s typical for poker rooms to match the deposit bonus, so if you were to deposit $600, you’d be able to collect a $600 bonus once you’ve cleared enough points by playing in any of the real money games.

And if you thought a 100% sign-up bonus was cool, most skins on the iPoker network currently have a 200% bonus up to $2000. If you were grinding cash games, it wouldn’t be difficult to clear $1000 of the bonus in one month.

How Do you Get Paid Your Bonus Money?

The bonus gets released into your player account in increments and allows you to build up a bigger bankroll with very little effort required on your part. Then once you are done releasing the bonuses, go on to the next room, rinse and repeat. That’s basically what poker bonus hunting is all about!

This is great news for newer players still learning the game. Even if you are a break-even player in low stakes cash games – playing 25NL cash games, clearing the sign up bonus gives you the ability to still make a decent amount of money from bonus hunting (whoring).

If you play multiple tables at the same time it will allow you to clear the signup bonuses even quicker, because you are playing more hands per hour. As an example, if it was to take you 1-month to clear a $600 bonus, that’s 24 buy-ins for a 25NL player!

Build a Bankroll with Bonus Hunting

Poker bonus hunting not only makes it possible to build up a poker bankroll at a faster rate, but it presents the opportunity to move up in limits sooner rather then later! When you consider that fact that 50NL online games really don’t play that much differently to 25NL games, if you’re beating 25NL for a decent win rate, you could expect to beat 50NL for a similar win rate, but you’d be almost doubling your profits due to playing in a game with double the buy-in.

Although there is a huge upside to poker bonus hunting, in an attempt to have a balanced viewpoint, we’ll discuss some of the disadvantages of bum hunting, because there are some that are worth keeping in mind. One of the disadvantages is the mindset that comes with clearing bonuses.

Are you playing poker to improve your game or playing a tight nitty game with the sole purpose of clearing a bonus? Do you see where I am heading with this?

Deposit Bonuses and Signup Bonuses 2024

Clearing sign-up bonuses and other promotions can change your attitude and playing style. When you’re involved in a hand, you don’t want external influences affecting the outcome of the hand. The end goal is to make correct decisions based on what is in front of you.

You don’t want to become a nit and fold every time a difficult opportunity presents itself, because your main objective is to clear a bonus instead of winning money at the poker table.

If that’s the case, you have your priorities wrong, and poker bonus hunting could be having a negative impact on your game. On the other hand, if clearing the bonus is exactly what it is, a bonus and something that doesn’t change the way you play, than you have everything to gain from poker bonus hunting!

The second disadvantage relates to always changing poker rooms once you’ve become accustomed to playing at a specific poker room. At the time you start developing history with a few of the regulars, you’ll have moved on to the next site.

You can combat this problem by switching to rooms within the same network. For example, on the iPoker network some of the popular skins include Titan Poker and Bet365, so you can play on both sites and not lose the history you’ve developed with some of the players on this network.

But perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of poker bonus hunting is that you don’t get to reap the benefits of the VIP programs that are in place to reward player loyalty. All poker sites have a tiered VIP Program, which basically acts as a loyalty reward program, which is no different to the airline industry loyalty programs, in an attempt to reward being a loyal member.

For every dollar you spend with the company, you’ll receive a certain number of points that can be redeemed for different cash and prizes. When you’re regularly hunting sign-up bonuses on new sites, you’re inevitably missing out on this benefit.

So, as long as you’re aware about the potential advantages and disadvantages of poker bonus hunting, you can weigh up the pros and cons of both, and know what is best for your situation. But always make sure you are looking to take advantage of what is essentially Free Poker Money being given away.