Lock Poker Scandal Part 2

We wanted to complete our short 2 part series on the player and affiliate scams involving Lock Poker. As you can see in Lock Poker Scandals Part 1, In Lock poker’s brief history in the online poker world, they have had several major issues which call their ethics and security into question. AS we mentioned in the previous article, we recommend players and affiliates stay away from working with lock poker until all of these issues are played out (if then).

Lock Poker Takes Affiliate commission because he complained

This Lock Poker affiliate chose the CPA payment model. This means that the affiliate is paid a flat amount for each player that they refer once the player meets a predetermined rake requirement. If a referred player under a CPA affiliate plan turns out to be fraudulent player, the affiliate program would typically remove payment for this one player from the affiliate’s pay. This is done to prevent shady affiliates from creating fake player accounts in an attempt to steal commission.

Lock Poker’s affiliate program did not just deduct the commission from this one player; they deducted 11 times the amount of the commission. This means that not only did the affiliate lose the money from the fraud player; he lost the commission from ten other referred players that were legitimate.

This is not stated in Lock Poker’s affiliate terms and is not something any other affiliate program has been known to do in the past.

The affiliate tried contacting Lock Poker’s affiliate managers. The affiliate states that he was ignored. He eventually posted in a private forum at Poker Affiliate Listings. The consensus from other affiliates was that this was an honest mistake and that Lock Poker would correct it.

Lock Poker Responds (must read)

 They stated that this was not an error; the affiliate would lose 11 times the amount of one CPA from this player, a player the affiliate did not know. The only connection this player has to the affiliate is that they clicked on a link on the affiliate’s website.

Jennifer Larson, the founder and CEO of Lock Poker, discovered the public discussion of this commission theft. She contacted the affiliate in question with this email:

I am the owner and CEO of Lock and Revolution Gaming. It has been brought to my attention that you have been slamming us on the forums and just being overall disrespectful.

We consider all our partners as just that true partners. We would never go out into a public forum and disrespect you but we would work to resolve any issues.

Based on your actions we have decided to no longer work with you. Gerry and Shane have come to me on multiple occasions with the constants issues and just overall stress they feel when it comes to you and its just not the making of a healthy partnership.

We invest over 500K into affiliate marketing a month and regardless of any problems that may happen both parties are always looking for resolution. That does not appear to be what you are looking for at all.

Shane will make sure that all CPAs are paid in full on July 1st. Please remove us from your sites as we no longer wish to work with you.



After being ignored by Lock Poker’s affiliate support trying to resolve what was thought to be a mistake, this affiliate was banned from Lock Poker’s affiliate program. Even if the affiliate in question decided that they would no longer promote Lock Poker after this incident, they are certain to have many players that signed up through their websites that have never made a deposit.

If these players convert to real money players after July 1st, and many will, the affiliate will also lose commission from those players. This means that not only did Lock Poker steal what we believe is over $1000 from this affiliate, Lock Poker is also going to steal their potential future earnings.

The Lesson Learned?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! How many times have poker players seen this scenario play out?? If a room can’t deal with player issues, or affiliate issues then its a symptom of a much larger problem.

How often have you heard of player issues or affiliate issues with companies like PokerStars or Party Poker? Not too many (I don’t recall any issues in the last year or more) – The bottom line is that real companies know that their customers and their partners all want the same thing. An open and honest relationship, and one where everyone makes money. If there is an issue, fix it. If there is a problem, address it. Act like adults, and have some respect.


17 Responses to Lock Poker Scandal Part 2

  1. Glen Sumner says:

    After playing on Lock Poker for well over a year I had a growning feeling that things just weren’t right. So, on October 29 I just cashed out 100%, or so I thought. So far I have recieved nothing but broken promises.

  2. andy says:

    Lock poker is suck. It is pending my money and Never PAY OUT im waiting for 2 months but not paying me the money. Anyone know how to sue Lock Poker. they said 4-5weeks but forever. what the fu?k is no deadline for paying out?? they are taking the deposit but not releasing money, it is like bank robber and legal!!! what should I do to get my 4000 out of Lockpoker??

  3. Keith says:

    I wanted to add some information to this site.. I’ve been waiting for a cashout from lock poker for over 4 months now… Everytime I e-mail I get the same response some blah blah blah B.S.

    Beware U.S. players!!!!!!

  4. jimmyv says:

    i been owed 3000 for 5 months 22 emails i have been cheated i tell as many players i can

  5. Dr J.Millard says:

    Lock Poker is the biggest longest running joke in
    The poker community. There are so many pros on twitter jokingly saying that they have $100k stuck on tilt and will swap it for a pokerstars.com Sunday million ticket!! The morale of the story is who on earth would keep putting money on this site when one of Lock pokers own pros was trying to sell $10k on Lock for 30% in cash! So I know who this pro is and I know Lock poker does and this was his parting shot at this corrupt network! I’m a high stakes poker pro with many famous poker players as good friends and I’ll tell you all to keep off lock poker and stay well away from Annie Duke who has been linked to a hole card scandal. There are thousands of Americans who have waited months for their money and they can wait and wait because at the moment Lock Poker money is now virtually Un tradable!! it was trading at 30% 3 months ago and now no one will buy Lock pokers chips as they banned chip transfers stating that there was a collusion to drive Lock Pokers share price down!! They stole all this money and locked certain accounts just for transferring chips!! If they did not want chip transfers then why the fuck did they not take the transfer button off their fraudulent website. Do you know why it’s called lock poker? Because once you deposit on the site your money is locked away for ever! Lock poker even sent me an email asking if I’d like to join up and take part in a rake race !!!! I think Lock Pokers mouthy CEO needs to get her head out of the clouds!! Don’t touch this site and anyone who’s been waiting months for their “winnings” can go study the bible and pray that a Miracle might happen!! I mean Jesus could feed 5000 people with one loaf of bread but he can’t get money out of Lock Joker Poker :))

    Good luck all as you’ll need it!!

  6. Paul says:

    Ok so i go and open a poker site!! take deposit money and only pay out 10% of players and who cares about rest? Why haven’t they been closed and summoned to court? This site not only tarnishes the online poker industry it makes a mockery of the system in place protecting players from getting ripped off!!!!!

  7. Paul says:

    If they can’t pay me a lousy 200 dollars after 14 weeks then they have either no money or they are scamming either way the people responsible must be jailed! wipe that smile off their p i s s taking faces

  8. Paul Bedford says:

    I have been waiting for almost 4 months for a withdrawal of $300.00. I think this is just a scam. Players beware

  9. Eli says:

    I just played in a tournament here. I had trip 5s and was knocked out by someone that just had a pair of 4s. They pushed my chips to him and locked me out of the tournament. Since then it’s been nonstop crazy cards. I just saw a hand with two straights and three flushes all in one deal. I felt sorry for all the people betting away.

  10. DUANE BURNHAM says:

    I made a withdrawal request on May 13, 2013. 25 emails later, I still don’t have my Money, totally corrupt site as far as i’m concerned.

  11. Eddie says:

    Lock Poker is a total scam. I’ve been waiting for my cash out since May 2013. It’s been 9 months and every week they keep telling me my withdrawal will be honored and we have brand new processors. Also there’s a backlog.
    Please don’t deposit because you will never get paid no matter what.

  12. alwyswachin says:

    Same problem as everyone who wrote on this blog!
    I hope Jennifer Larson burns in HELL!

  13. Christopher McConnell says:

    Lock Poker. The site for newbies who don’t know any better! I can’t lie. I deposited there a few years ago and never got my cashout. Learned my lesson. How could they possibly still be in business. They will tell you on customer support live chat that payouts are taking 6+months, while Bovada is more like 6+ DAYS.

  14. Joseph Morris says:

    Why is Jennifer Larson not in Jail? Is it not possible for everyone who has been scammed by her to prosecute>

  15. Jmil says:

    Same story here cashed out in august last year and still waiting. If anyone knows how to go about a lawsuit I am in!

  16. Aemerick says:

    I have been waiting for a pay out since Jan. 10th 2014. I see some people have been waiting since 2013. How does this site continue to operate? How can it be stopped? Jennifer Larsen should be in jail.

  17. AG says:

    Can someone post Jennifer Larson’s contact information so we can write her directly and cc’ the curaco gaming group which holds her license?

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