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We recently had a chance to talk with the owner of about the current online poker situation. This is one of the leading internet resources when it comes to poker news, poker strategy, online poker room reviews, and online poker bonuses. keeps the public informed of all of the biggest poker news. The biggest recent news is the acquisition of Full Tilt Poker by PokerStars. Online poker players around the world are excited by the announcement.

 Full Tilt Poker shut down after the US DoJ seized their domain on April 15th, 2011. The site continued to offer online poker play to players outside of the US for a few months, but ultimately they lost their license after failing to pay the US players balances. Since then rumors have circulated several times that a deal is in process to purchase Full Tilt, but until now it has just been rumors.

PokerStars has finalized an agreement to purchase Full Tilt Poker’s assets for $547 Million. Immediately after the finalization of the agreement PokerStars released the following statement saying its “committed to the full reimbursement of Full Tilt Poker customers outside the United States.”

The press release further stated The money paid to the U.S.government will in part be used to reimburse former Full Tilt Poker customers in the United States, through a remission process to be administered by the Department of Justice. PokerStars repaid all amounts owing to its own U.S.customers shortly after it closed itsU.S.operations.

“PokerStars will also make available in a segregated bank account, all outstanding balances owing to all non-U.S. customers of Full Tilt Poker (an amount totaling $184 million), with no restrictions on withdrawals, within 90 days of completing this transaction.”

A very interesting detail of the settlement with the US government is the fact that PokerStars has permission to operate in the U.S.but only once legislation allows it. This gives players in the United States hope that the internet poker market will be regulated and opened up soon.

This leads us to believe that the legalization of online poker in the United States may not be as far off as we once thought it was. Many congressmen have made the argument that regulating online poker could be a huge income source for the United States.

Some more interesting poker news that made us aware of is the fact that MGM and Boyd Gaming has applied for a Nevada Online Poker License.Nevada recently legalized intrastate gaming which includes online poker.

We have seen some other states interested in following suit with Nevada and legalizing intrastate gambling. It will be very interesting to see if the states that legalize it will allow gaming with other states that have legalized online gaming, or if it will be kept strictly intrastate.

You can keep informed on all of the latest poker news including when PokerStars expects to finalize this deal and make funds available for players by visiting News. The very informative people there will also keep you abreast of the Nevada Online Gaming news and any other poker news.


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