Revolution Poker Network

Revolution Gaming Network Review 2024

The first day of June, 2012 marks a major power shift in American and world online poker. The Revolution Gaming Network, formerly known as the Cake Poker Network, and their parent site Lock Poker will take on the world as a completely new network and revamped site.

The change in power is much more than a branding change too as Lock Poker will be undergoing some serious changes that were never going to be seen on the old Merge Gaming Network. In this article we will delve into what makes the new Revolution Gaming Network so special.

Former Cake Poker Network

The Cake Poker Network was an alright network with no heavy consumer complaints, but at the same time their praises weren’t anything special either. With the formation of the new network, sites like Lock Poker will see a lot of changes that will seriously satisfy their players. The changes, they hope, are going to be so extensive that the Network and its sites are expecting to see a large influx of new players.

Quick Note: The Revolution Network is taking US Players and most US Debit Cards and Credit Cards are being process daily! This is great news as it makes it easy to deposit and cashout at these rooms

This means a lot for the struggling United States online poker because it adds a bit of diversity to the scene. Ever since the online poker industry took a dive thanks to the US Department of Justice in April of 2011, the industry was dominated by the Merge Gaming Network and its slew of sites.

While most players were simply happy that they had somewhere to play still, many more wished for some diversity as far as poker sites and networks go. Now, with the addition of the Revolution Gaming Network, the US online poker industry can see some diversity and competition, something that hasn’t existed since pre-Black Friday.

Cake Poker / Revolution Network – Improved Cash-Outs

One of the biggest complaints by folks living under the veil of the old Cake Poker Network was the fact that cash-outs were nothing but a big hassle. In many cases a player could deposit as little as $20 into their bankroll, but they would not be allowed to cash out unless it was for an amount in the 100s.

One particular player said that he was able to deposit $25 no problem, but when it came to cash out he realized that the minimum amount able to be cashed was $500. On top of that, the Cake Network lived on the same street as a lot of other US networks because they were constantly known for having incredibly elongated cashing out periods. Even on sites that claimed to give you your money in as little as two weeks, some players ended up waiting months to see any of their money.

The newly dubbed Revolution Gaming Network is set on fixing these problems and make their players happy with a much more hospitable environment for playing and cashing out than what was presented by the Cake Network.

They are honestly looking to improve drastically enough to overshadow the Merge Network, which has problems of its own, but it is too early to speak to such things.

Revolution Network / Cake Poker Network – Improved Daily Traffic

With word of all these positive changes gracing the new Revolution Network and Lock Poker, it is no surprise that the head honchos are expecting a boost in traffic. Many people are wondering if the boost in Revolution’s traffic will result in a decrease in Merge’s daily and weekly traffic, but that is not very likely.

What will most likely happen is that Revolution’s numbers will spike while Merge remain fairly consistent. The fact of the matter is that players on other Merge sites such as Carbon Poker are not going to leave their established home unless the move is simply irresistible.

So while Lock Poker and its network may see some positive changes, I would not be sitting here expecting to see a complete facelift to the daily traffic numbers that Merge sees currently.

Revolution Network – Traffic, Usage, and Gameplay

In the early running of things, the general consensus is that Lock Poker (the Revolution Network’s marquis site) has not been changed drastically at all. Once players re-download the Lock Poker software they will notice some changes, yes, but these changes are not overly difficult to adjust to.

In fact, players have been pleasantly surprised with how the new Lock Poker has a mix of Lock Poker attributes and also attributes from the old Cake Network. It is nice to see that the designers of the new Network did not want to completely do away with Cake Poker because they realized that many of the players that will grace the Revolution Gaming Network are the same ones who played on Cake, and the same goes with Lock Poker players as well.

Early traffic numbers have shown that Lock Poker is already seeing a drastic increase in site traffic. According to a PokerScout overview of Lock Poker, it was running with over 1,000 players on the site at any given time; a large increase from the typical average of just under 600.

Another change that is currently being tested out are alterations to the tournament schedule. Because Cake Poker and Lock Poker’s tournament schedules did not coincide 100%, the Revolution Gaming Network officials have had to do a complete facelift.

While some players are happy and some are disappointed, the overall tournament schedule should not really be too big of a deciding factor for players to stay or go. Also keep in mind that Revolution and the newly rebranded Lock Poker have to be given some time to work out the kinks.

While your favorite tournament may be at a different time slot currently, the schedule is under construction and will be going through changes over the course of the next few months.