Sun Poker vs William Hill Poker

Sun Poker vs William Hill Poker Comparison 2018

Sun Poker and William Hill Poker both share the same network technology and player-base but these two rooms are different in other ways. They offer completely different bonuses and run their own promotions.

Other than sharing traffic and software there are few similarities between Sun Poker and William Hill Poker. This Sun Poker Vs William Hill Poker guide will look at many important factors. The objective is not for me to tell you which room is better. I will go over the facts and you can decide which of these poker sites is the best match for you.

Sun Poker and William Hill Poker have been open since 2004 and 2003, respectively. William Hill is a well known online gaming company that offers casino gambling, sports betting and bingo, in addition to poker. When you use one company to handle all or most of your online gambling activities there are several benefits including better rewards. Sun Poker does not offer any other gaming services and this also comes with benefits.

They are able to focus exclusively on their poker players which enables them to offer the best service possible. Poker is their bread and butter, not just a secondary service being offered to casino players and sports bettors. I will be comparing the bonuses, promotions, cash games, tournaments, banking, software and support for both of these poker rooms.

Sun Poker Vs William Hill Poker Deposit Bonuses

There is a large difference between the first deposit bonuses at these two rooms. Sun Poker is giving new depositors one of the largest, if not the largest deposit bonus available on the iPoker Network.

William Hill Poker’s bonus is several times smaller and is in line with the industry average. Both Sun Poker and William Hill are also giving away free tickets to large real money tournaments. Here is an overview of the first deposit bonus offers and the other incentives being offered.

  • Sun Poker – A 200% match bonus up to $/£/€2,000 and an invitation to the monthly $1,000 New Depositor Freeroll
  • William Hill Poker – A 100% match bonus up to $600/£400/€450, four tickets to the weekly $1,000 New Depositor Freerolls and one ticket to a special tournament exclusively for new depositors that awards cool prizes instead of cash. These prizes include things like a laptop, Sony PS3, a Nintendo Wii and more

Extremely large poker room bonuses usually throw up a red flag for me. There is usually some sort of catch, like unrealistic clearance requirements. Even Sun Poker’s long history and flawless reputation cannot allay my skepticism so I have taken a very close look at the Terms & Conditions. Surprisingly this bonus is actually in line with bonuses at most other rooms, including William Hill Poker.

Both rooms award points when you play for real money. At Sun Poker they are called Status Points and WHPoints at William Hill. Sun Poker’s system is unique in the world of online poker. Most poker rooms award 1-5 points per $1 in rake but they award anywhere from 81.30 to 495.93 depending on which VIP tier you are at.

It is important to consider this when you look at the clearance requirements for the bonus. It may seem like a lot of points but that is only because they give out large numbers per hand. Here is an overview of the bonus requirements.

  • Sun Poker – This bonus will be released in $/£/€5 increments. Each installment requires 5,000 Status Points. You have 90 days to clear your bonus
  • William Hill Poker – They will also credit your bonus in $/£/€5 installments. You will need to earn 350 WHPoints to release a credit. William Hill Poker awards 6 WHPoints per $1 in rake and they give you 60 days to clear your full bonus

With Sun Poker’s 5,000 point/$/£/€5 clearance ratio it may seem like William Hill’s 350 point/$/£/€5 ratio is much better but this isn’t true. Let’s imagine that you played enough poker to generate $10 in rake at both rooms. At Sun Poker you would earn a minimum of 813 Status Points.

At William Hill Poker you would earn 60 points. A $5 bonus installment at Sun Poker may require ~14 times more points but they also award ~14 times more points and this is based on their lowest VIP tier.

There are a total of 10 tiers and generating the same $10 in rake increases all the way to 4,959 Status Points. You obviously wouldn’t be able to reach level ten so soon after signing up but reaching level 4 is manageable. This will increase your ratio from 81 Status Points per $1 in rake to $130 Status Points.

This means that Sun Poker’s first deposit bonus is not only many times the size of William Hill Poker’s but it is also easier to clear. William Hill does beat Sun Poker in regards to the tournament tickets, but they will only level the playing field for those who deposit a very small amount initially.

Sun Poker Vs. William Hill Poker Promotions 2018

Some of the promotions at these two rooms are similar, but they each host at least a few unique promos that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Sun Poker is home to more of these exclusive promotions. This is likely due to the fact that they only deal with poker and thus are able to put more time and money into unique promos.

William Hill Poker’s promotional line-up isn’t inferior to what you will find at the average online poker room, but it simply cannot compete with Sun Poker’s value-packed promotions. Here is an overview of some of the top promotions at both rooms.

Sun Poker Promotions and Games 2018

VIP Program – Sun Poker offers a 10 tier VIP system that rewards players several different ways. There are two major benefits. You can earn points up to 6 times faster and you can receive 3X more money when you trade in your points for cash. New players earn 81.30 points per $1 in rake and can trade in 15,000 points for $5 in cash. These rates get better as you move up the VIP tiers. Level 10 players earn 495.93 points per $1 in rake and can trade in 5,000 points for a $5 cash credit.

Tournaments -Sun Poker is a popular room for tournament players because so many of their promotions are related to tournaments. They run a special tournament exclusively for players that have busted out on the bubble recently. They also run a $50,000 Sitngo jackpot promotion and they are running regular satellites to the next World Series of Poker.

Cash Games – Sun Poker regularly runs promotions that reward cash game players who play often. The King of the Hill and Eliminator Challenge promotions are two good examples. Both offer cash prizes to those who earn enough points to rank well in the contest.

William Hill Poker Promotions and Games 2018

VIP Program – William Hill Poker’s VIP program is not as comprehensive as Sun Poker’s, but it does have some decent benefits. This program also has ten levels but the perks are different. You can earn WHPoints from 150% to 750% quicker depending on which level you are at. William Hill Poker does not award these points until the first of the month, but Sun Poker credits them as you play.

There are three VIP freerolls at William Hill; $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000. William Hill Poker also offers VIP cashback. This consists of 15 separate cash credits that you can purchase with WHPoints. These credits range from $2.50 to $250,000, the largest single cash credit I have ever heard of in the poker industry.

Tournaments – The Jackpot Sit-n-Go promotion at William Hill poker is significantly better than what you will find at Sun Poker. They have broken this promo up into four different buy-in levels. These range from $2.+.40 to $50+$9 and the jackpot payouts range from $2,000 up to $50,000. You win the jackpot by winning four of these sitngos consecutively.

William Hill has a special promo running that allows you to receive up to $50,000 more if you can manage to win two more Sit and Go after hitting the jackpot. They also run a $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000 GTD tournament every week.

William Hill Poker Vs Sun Poker Deposit and Cashout Options

William Hill Poker accepts a much wider range of deposit methods. This is due to the fact that they are part of a massive online gaming company that offers several gambling products. There are some notable deposit and cash-out methods at William Hill that Sun Poker does not have.

Paypal is a perfect example. You likely won’t have any trouble funding your Sun Poker account but William Hill Poker can accept more options and pay you quicker when you withdraw.

As skins on the same network they both use the iPoker software and share traffic. The iPoker network is the largest poker network and the only poker room that boasts more traffic is Pokerstars. Both Sun Poker and William Hill Poker offer email, phone and Live Chat support. Sun Poker’s Live Chat support is only available for part of the day and William Hill Poker’s is available 24/7.