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If you have been in the online poker game for more than just the past year or so, you probably remember Full Tilt’s Rush Poker. This was a new style of play that was unlike any other that existed at that time or any time before it. The philosophy of this type of game was to play as much poker as humanly possible without wasting time sitting around after you fold. Well, since Full Tilt has been out of the industry for over a year now, so too has Rush Poker, until now. PokerStars, the remaining online poker giant took what Full Tilt had started and ran with it with the release of Zoom Poker this past March, 2012.

Ever since Rush Poker and Full Tilt went under due to Black Friday and the US Department of Justice, players from all types of online poker rooms have been pleading for them to make their own version of Rush Poker, and of course PokerStars was the first to respond.

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How Zoom Poker Works

Zoom Poker Rules

Whether you are familiar with this type of game play or not, it is pretty simple to understand. The name of the game is to play as many hands as possible in as short a time as possible.

The way you can play such a fast paced game of poker is because when you enter a Zoom Poker table you are really entering a very large pool of players. While you only sit at a table consisting of 6 or 9 players, you are really in the midst of thousands of different players interchanging tables every second. The second you fold at one table, you are zoomed (no pun intended) to a completely new one that is filled with players from your “pool.”

In regular hold’em whether you folded after the flop or pre-flop you used to be forced to sit there while the other players played out their hands which could sometimes take 30 seconds, but could also take up to 5 minutes or more.

These time intervals may seem small but in a whole day of playing that is a lot of accumulated minutes wasted. In Zoom Poker, as soon as you click the “fast fold” button you are taken to a new table with a new set of players.

Even if you fold pre-flop, you are moved to the next table while your avatar sits and waits for you to fold for the rest of the players; it is almost like you are in two places at once. When you fold you are set up with a whole new set of players who have also just folded and are quickly ushered to your brand new table.

While you may encounter some of the same players more than once, you will never see the same table full of players and this really makes it difficult for you and others to really get into a groove or be able to take advantage of weaker players.

Like I said above, even if you fold before it is your turn to act it looks to the other players at your table as if you were waiting patiently for your turn when in reality you are already being seated at a new table.

The reason behind keeping avatars at a table until they fold is to prevent predictability among players and to keep a balanced amount of information spread amongst the players.

PokerStars allows you to play 4 Zoom tables at the same time with each of those tables outputting about 300 hands every hour. If you are not a math whiz do not worry because that totals to about 1,200 hands per hour…much more than the 240 you could get by playing 4 old fashioned tables at once.

You do not have to worry about having to download any software or any software updates because if you play on PokerStars Zoom Poker was added in an automatic update that you probably did not even notice happening.