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Skillbet Poker Bonus 2015

Skill bet launched in July 2012, and they have been getting a lot of attention as the first legal online poker game in the United States. Most players we spoke to seem excited about the prospect of a 100% Legit poker room, but of course everyone is being cautious.

But since Skillbet does accept players from the US, and they take deposit options like Paypal and Debit Cards. Most everyone we’ve spoke to has been trying them out, and enjoying the game.

Early reports say traffic is picking up everyday, wich makes for more games and more action. Since players can use Paypal as a deposit method, then everyone is putting a few hundred buck on there to try it out. Right now you can get a 100% Deposit Match Bonus up to $100 –

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Skillbet Poker Promotions and Games

SkillBet offers two types of games: SkillBet Live and SkillBet Challenge. In SkillBet Live, two players pay a buy-in and play on their  tables at the same time. After each hand, the difference between each player’s winnings or losses in the hand is awarded to whomever did the best.

So if one players loses $10 and the other wins $5, then the player that did best will get $15. This goes on for 30 hands, and then everyone can walk away with whatever they have. Or they can choose to go hand for hand and continue.

How Does Skillbet Poker Work?

SkillBet game, two players sit in the same seat at two separate tables, surrounded by the exact same computer foes. Every player in the corresponding seats, human or otherwise, is dealt the exact same cards

Why is Skillbet Poker Legal?

This is a question we dug into right away, if they are claiming to be 100% Legal for US Players, then I wanted to make sure they could back that up. So we asked one of the co-founders of the company (who is an Attorney) and he had this to say:

According to federal statutes and the statutes of most US states, gambling is defined as: risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance.

We offer games of skill only. Our first game is like regular No Limit Texas Hold’em without the luck of the draw (e.g., both players play the same hand against the same opponents). The only factor determining who wins are the decision of the two players – and therefore, it is unquestionably a game of skill.

Our games are no different from carnival games, chess and golf tournaments or other skill-based games that have been played for cash or prizes for hundreds of years.

Our legal opinion was provided by Marc Zwillinger, a Harvard lawyer who was previously the head of internet gaming enforcement for the US Department of Justice. Four other lawyers favorably assessed the legality of and one (a Partner at one of the largest and oldest law firms in the world) is now an investor in the Company.