Top 10 6max Poker Tips

Top 10 6max Holdem Tips

Below, you will find a list of tips that will be of immense value to all 6max poker players who are just getting started with this short-handed format of cash games. These simple tips will help you make money and SAVE money at the poker table. There is more than one way to lose at the game of poker, sometimes its a bad play, a bad beat, or a bad decision. Winning at poker, isn’t always about having the best cards, it’s about making the best decision.

6max or “Shorthanded” Poker games scare some people, and with good reason. They know shorthanded poker is more about good decision making and aggression. Not who has the best cards in their hand. So play close attention to this Top 10 List of 6max Poker Tips and you will be enjoying 6max play the next chance you get.

6max Poker Tip #1 – Open up your game in late position

If you want to increase your win rate at 6max, the CO and BTN are the seats you want to open up your starting hand selection with a lot more pre-flop raising. How aggressive you should be in the CO will to some extent on the BTN, if they are tight and only playing good starting hands, you can be raising more hands before the flop to steal the blinds.

6max Poker Tip #2 – Add the light 3bet/4bet to your game

Due to the aggressive nature of online 6max games, most players are open raising instead of limping into pots. Because of the wide pre-flop raising ranges and a lot more raising going on, it’s impossible for 6max players to always have a strong hand when they raise. As a way to combat this, you should incorporate the light 3 bet into your game, which entails 3 betting hands you wouldn’t normally 3 bet, with the goal of trying to make the player fold. This strategy in 6max cash games can be extremely profitable because it’s so difficult for players to continue against a three bet when they will be out of position. Although not very relevant to micro stakes 6max games, you should also be thinking about the light 4 bet, when you think someone is getting out of line with his 3bets. If a player is relentlessly 3 betting your opens, it’s impossible for them to always have a strong hand when they are re-raising (unless they’re running extremely good) hence the light 4-bet comes into play.

6max Poker Tip #3 – Never open limp

When playing 6max holdem cash games, you should rarely if ever be open limping into pots. If your hand is good enough to limp it’s good enough to come in for a raise. By limping in, you’re allowing the better aggressive players to take advantage, and you lose initiative in the hand. Also, if you are to limp call and catch a piece of the flop in a family pot, you really have no idea where you’re at in the hand. The only situation where open limping makes a lot of sense is when you have a hand like smaller pocket pairs or suited connectors, and you’re playing at a very loose passive table, so your not really fearing getting raised, but this is fairly uncommon in 6max online games.

6max Poker Tip #4 – Take advantage of the semi bluff

Semi bluffing is as important in 6max holdem games as it is in full ring games, if not more important. It basically refers to betting with a hand that is unlikely to be the best hand at the moment, but has a good chance of improving to the winning hand, like when you have two over cards and expect them to be clean outs or draws. In 6 max games, gaining the initiative in the hand and keeping it is extremely important. When you’re playing against wider ranges in pots with fewer players as opposed to full ring games, you should pretty much be betting and semi bluffing most of the time, with the aim of taking down the pot straight away, since you can expect them to fold.

6max Poker Tips #5 – Avoid bluffing loose players who will not fold

Although semi bluffing is an important weapon in any 6max poker player’s arsenal, you should refrain from trying to bluff loose players that are not capable of folding. Even though you may have a considerable number of outs to win the hand on later streets, if you don’t expect your opponent to fold, it’s much better to check it back to realize that equity.

6max Poker Tip #6 – Get position on the shortstackers

There are quite a few shortstackers in 6max online games that play with around 30-40bb. It can be difficult when you have an aggressive short stack player to your immediate left, since they will be constantly putting you in tough spots with marginal hands. Instead, it’s better to try and get position on them, so you know what they’re doing before it’s your turn to act pre-flop.

6max Poker Tips #7 – Don’t get emotional during the game

In 6max, it’s much more common to see bigger pots and players going all-in a lot more often. For instance, while it might seem like a player is picking on you by always three betting your opens, it’s imperative that you don’t get personal at the table. All this will result in is spewing off a lot of chips you wouldn’t have otherwise.

6max Poker Tips #8 – Take player notes

You’d be surprised just how often you run into the same players in 6max games. By taking notes on players, you will have more information at your disposal the next time you are involved in a hand against them, which can be immensely valuable in tough spots.

6max Poker Tip #9 – Prepare for wilder swings

Due to the aggressive nature of 6max online games with players going all-in more often and being prepared to play bigger pots with wider ranges, it makes for a fun and thrilling game, but you should be prepared for bigger swings in your bankroll. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a good 6max player, with the volume of hands you can get in at 6max, you can have a really good win rate, and player tends to be spewy at 6max! But you just need to be mindful that you’re playing a higher variance form of cash game.

6max Poker Tip #10 – Adjusting to the increased aggression

If you’ve migrated from full ring games, the increased aggression in 6max may seem a bit too much to handle. It’s important that you know how to react to this aggression so that you will know how to properly handle certain situations. The conservative play is often the best option, until you can be confident in your reads. Once you’ve figured out a player’s style, you can make the necessary adjustments to deal with their aggression. If a player is making the game really uncomfortable to play in, there is always the option of quitting and finding a better game.