Top 10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips

Top 10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips

Multi-Table Tournaments can be one of the most profitable games, but it can also have the most variance as well. In order to win money playing Multi-Table Tournaments you must have patience above all else. Below, you will find a list of tips that will be of immense value to all Multi-Table Tournament players who are just getting started with their career. This list will help transform novice players into educated players that have a much greater shot at taking down a tournament.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #1 – Understand your goal

When playing in a mutli-table tournament, understand that when you sit down you are highly unlikely to win. There are so many variables that will decide the outcome of the tournament, including all-ins, coin flip situations, bad beats, etc With that being said, most of the field will be fairly soft, giving you every chance of making the money and scoring a nice pay day.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #2 – Play tight at the beginning

In the early stages of a MTT poker tournament, position and playing snug early are the main priorities. You can leave it to the other players to battle it out and reveal their playing styles while you conserve your chips and wait for good starting hands that can you can win big pots with.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #3 – Open up your game in the middle to late rounds

In the middle to late rounds of a MTT, tournament players who have been adopting a tight strategy should be opening up their starting hand requirements, especially in late positions at a tight table. If antes comes into play, you should be opening up your range even more, since there is more dead money in the pot, so you should be 3betting mid pockets pairs, high suited connectors, in addition to your premium holdings. So many tourney players will tighten up their game when nearing the bubble, don’t be one of these players.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #4 – Observe the different stack sizes when moved to a new table

The first thing you should do after being moved to a new table during a MTT is assessing each player’s stack in relation to your own stack. This includes identifying the big stacks at the table, as well as being aware of the average and smaller stacks, and what position you have on these relative stacks.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #5 – During the later stages

In the later stages of a MTT, the blinds much bigger in relation to each player’s stack, you are no longer looking to play post poker as much as you are looking to re steal pre-flop. There will be fewer hands seeing flops and a lot more all-in confrontations, so hands like suited-connectors lose their value, while high cards even with a bad kicker gain value.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #6 – Play to win the tournament

Your tournament results will improve out of sight if your plan and strategy to play multi-table tourneys is such that you’re playing to actually win the tournament, instead of just being happy to make it “in the money”. Winning tournaments should always be the end goal, since just making it in the money will not have a significant impact on your bankroll.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #7 – Take player notes

Always pay close attention to your opponents and take player notes whenever possible. Not only will it help you stay sharp and focused n the tournament, you’d be surprised at how often you play against the exact same players in different tournaments, and those player notes will come in handy some time in the future.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #8 – Improve your end game skills by playing SNG’s

Grinding Sit and Go’s are a great way to improve your tournament results especially once you’ve reached the end game phase of the tournament. It’s great practice for multi-table tournament because the dynamics are very similar, mostly every one is short stacked and the blinds are really big.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #9 – Tournaments are not cash games

Many poker players who play both tournaments and cash games forget to change their mindset when playing multi-table tournaments, when the dynamics are very different and require different strategies in order to beat the game. This is a mistake, if you bust out of a MTT, that’s it, you can’t just re-buy like a cash game. Unlike cash games, you also really should consider defending your blinds more often, because the blinds are really big in relation to your stack.

Multi-Table Tournament Tip #10 – Avoid confrontations with big stacks

Tournament players with big stacks are more willing to gamble with their chips since they have a lot to play with, so you really want to avoid playing in any big pots with them unless you have a strong hand.

If you follow these 10 very simple tips when playing Multi-Table Tournaments, then you will drastically increase your chance of getting into the money, and winning the big 1st places prize money.

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