Top 10 Tips To Win At Poker

Top 10 Tips To Becoming A Winning Poker Player

Whether you mostly play live poker games or play a lot of online poker, here are the Top 10 Winning Poker Tips to start your poker career off right. So be sure and keep these ten simple steps the next time you play a poker hand, which will no doubt take your game to the next level. Mostly importantly, you will be winning money and minimizing your losses.

Poker Tips #1 – Don’t play with an insufficient bankroll

This is immensely important for all poker players. If you don’t have a sufficient bankroll, you run the risk of losing it all, and thus the ability to continue playing this great game! If that’s not an important enough reason to consider proper bankroll management, also consider that when you are playing with an aggressive bankroll.

It will inevitably changes your mindset and decision making in hands, since the money is more important to you, instead of focusing on making the correct play.

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2. Poker Tip #2 – Understand basic card and pot odds

Poker is a mathematical based game for the most part. Every decision you make boils down to your card odds and the direct pot odds, and whether you are getting the correct odds to make the call. If a certain play has a positive expected value, it will make money in the long run, the math doesn’t lie.

Although other factors play a role in a well-rounded poker player’s arsenal, having a solid understanding of pot odds and hand odds will improve the win rate of any player’s game. Without basic knowledge of odds and outs, it would be impossible to know what is the correct play to make at any given situation.

Identifying the common draws in poker helps out a lot with calculating the chances and odds of hitting your hand. By knowing the number of outs or potential number of cards that can hit when you have a gutshot, open ended straight draw, flush draw, two over cards, or a combination of any of these drawing hands on the flop, allows you to easily calculate the likelihood if improving to the best hand on the turn/river.

Don’t forget to consider the amount of money the other player has left behind in their stack, so you can more accurately predict the implied odds. This allows you to calculate how much actual money you can expect to win if you do happen to hit your hand.

Just make sure not to overvalue your implied odds, if you expect your opponent to have a strong hand, then in all likelihood you can expect to extract a lot more from them.

Poker Tip #3 – Protect your hand when you expect to have the best hand

Flopping top two pair is a very strong hand in Texas Hold’em, but if the board is extremely wet and coordinated, your hand is vulnerable to being outdrawn on later streets. If you don’t take the aggressive line by betting or raising in order to protect your hand, it allows other players with drawing hands to make a better hand very cheaply.

When you’re confident that you have the best hand, always make sure that you make your opponent pay for a free card. If your opponent bets into you on the flop, you want to raise in this situation to give him or her the wrong odds to chase their draw.

By raising it also allows you to define their range even more, since you will pickup some information when they’re deciding on how they should react to your bet.

So many novice players make the mistake of trying to trap with big hands such as slow playing aces, and then complain when they have their hand cracked on the river after allowing their opponent to draw cheaply.

Pocket rockets are the best hand pre-flop, but they’re by no means unbeatable post-flop. If you think you have the best of it make your opponents pay!

Poker Tip #4 – Know when to fold’em

Winning poker players know when to fold big hands. If the story the other player is telling suggests they have a monster hand, like when a player you’ve been playing against for the last few hours has been very tight and only showing down big hands, decides to raise on the flop on a dry board, you can be pretty confident your one pair hand even with a good kicker, is probably no good.

Try and make sense of the betting action and put your opponent on a range. For instance, live poker cash games tend to have very little 3-betting before the flop. If a live player 3-bets before the flop, generally you’re putting them on either AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and depending on the player AK, but I know a lot of live players who wouldn’t even 3-bet Ace King.

So if you have a decent hand such a medium pocket pair like 99/TT and you get three-bet, although your hand is looking fairly good, in all likelihood you don’t have the best hand because you’re up against a bigger pocket pair, so if you’re getting bad odds to call to hit your set, just muck your hand.

Poker Tip #5 – Join a good poker training site

Online poker players are spoiled for choice when it comes to training sites. There are so many good sites with tons of excellent video content produced by professional poker coaches that have made millions playing poker for a living. For example, the leading poker coach of BlueFire Poker is high-stakes cash game poker pro Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond.

It goes without saying, there is a lot you can learn from the concepts and hands discussed by these extremely intelligent and experienced players. Some poker training sites cater to tournament players, whilst others are dedicated to cash games, so keep that in mind when choosing a site.

Poker Tip 6# – Grind low stakes cash games to build up a bankroll

Cash games are lower variance games, so the swings in your bankroll shouldn’t be as drastic if you’re on top of your game. There is a smaller luck element in cash games, and you’re playing against fewer opponents, so if you’re a good player, you expect to win a lot more then what you would if you were to play in larger field tournaments. Playing low stakes cash game poker would be a good starting point for any poker player wanting to build up a larger bankroll to eventually move up in limits.

Poker Tip #7 – Patience is key

Aside from being smart with your poker bankroll, if you have expectations of being a winning online poker, then it’s crucial that you adopt a grinding mentality. Sometimes you are going to be card dead for hours, and it will make it difficult playing your normal game.

Accept that’s part of poker but don’t let it affect your game in a negative way. Some online players migrate to live games, going from playing 8 to 12 tables at one time, to just one. The difference in action can make some players inpatient with the slower paced live games, and they inevitably tilt off their stack in bad spots.

Don’t make this mistake because it will no doubt prove costly. The awesome thing about live poker is that the competition is usually that soft that you can be folding all your hands during the previous hour, but even still you will get paid off when you eventually make a big hand.

Poker Tip #8. Look for poker tells

Live poker tells can be really obvious, most players are giving away information about that gives you a better indication about the strength of their hand without them even realizing it.

Online poker doesn’t have the face-to-face interaction, but if you’re observant at the table, there is still a ton of information you can pickup through betting patterns, timing tells, screen names, etc etc. In online poker games you also have the added benefit of seeing what players are typing in the chat box.

Poker Tip #9 – Get in more volume

Playing more hands will allow you to gain experience, which will improve your game in leaps and bounds. There are so many situations in poker that repeat themselves over and over, and if you can rewind your poker memory bank to think of how you played or misplayed a hand in a similar situation, it will no doubt improve your game, and you will know what to do the next time the similar situation presents itself, hopefully not making the same mistake twice!

Poker Tip #10 – Tighten up your starting hand requirements

One of the biggest improvements a losing or break-even poker player can make to their game is playing fewer hands. So many players will overplay hands like QT and will be prepared to go with it all the way till the river, when it’s unlikely top pair with a middle kicker is the best hand in a big pot.

If you always remember to build big pots with big hands, you’ll be well on your way to improving your game, and by playing fewer hands you’ll find yourself having to make less tough decisions, since when you hit, you’ll typically always have a strong hand.

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