PokerStars vs Bovada Poker

PokerStars vs Bovada Poker Review 2024

PokerStars and Bovada (Formerly Bodog) Poker share little in common except for being popular online poker rooms. PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker room and Bovada is the Internet’s second largest US poker site. This PokerStars vs Bovada Poker article will compare the key aspects of each room. They may share little in common, but these two powerhouses each boast a number of strengths and weaknesses.

Learning about these strengths and weaknesses will help you make an informed decision when deciding which poker site you want to play at. I will break this comparison up into different sections. These sections will include all of the information that the average online poker player will want to know about before signing up.

Knowing how these two poker rooms stack up to each other will enable you to choose the room that best suits your preferences. The extreme difference in traffic may answer the Bovada Poker versus Poker Stars question for some players, but I have found traffic to be a poor factor to judge a poker room on. 5,000 players can be just as good as 500,000 because you will likely only play against a few dozen players at once at any given time. Size does matter but like the old adage claims, it’s what you do with it that matters.

Pokerstars Vs Bovada Poker Deposit Bonus Comparison 2024

Each of these poker rooms has taken a unique approach to deposit bonuses. I have claimed dozens of welcome bonuses and very few of them can compare to the sign up bonuses at Poker Stars and Bovada Poker. Bovada Poker has a larger bonus than PokerStars, but you may end up earning more bonus money at PokerStars depending on what type of player you are. I have added the deposit bonus details for each room below.

  • PokerStars – A 100% bonus on your first three deposits, up to $600
  • Bovada Poker – A 100% match bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000 *

* If you make your initial deposit and one or more deposits on the same day Bovada may count all of them towards the 100% match due to the restrictions on some of the deposit options. So an initial $400 deposit followed by another $400 deposit on the same day may give you an $800 bonus at Bovada.

Bovada ‘s Deposit Bonus is $400 larger so some players will end up claiming more free money there. PokerStars however matches your first three deposits. If you rarely play or tend to play at the micro or small stakes level then this format will definitely help you claim much more bonus money when compared to Bovada’s single deposit bonus. A $200 deposit every two weeks at PokerStars is worth $600. If you were to deposit the same amount at Bovada you would only receive a $200 bonus.

PokerStars Deposit Bonus gives new depositors 90 days to claim and clear all three deposits. Bovada Poker gives new depositors only 60 days to claim their first deposit bonus.
I have looked at the clearance requirements for both bonuses and once again PokerStars seems to favor the average player while Bovada mostly favors high volume players. Here is an overview of the requirements for each bonus.

PokerStars – Earn 17 VPPs for each USD in bonus money. They will issue your bonus in increments of $10. Bovada Poker – Bovada Poker also uses increments, but they increase in value instead of staying the same. There are six bonus levels at Bovada. At 50 Poker Points (PP) you will receive a $10 bonus installment. Here are the rest of the benchmarks: 250PP = $40, 750PP=$100, 1,500PP=$150, 3,000PP=$300 and 5,000PP=$400.

Bovada Poker’s bonus may be a larger bonus, but the average online poker player will not be able to claim the full $1,000.

PokerStars Vs Bovada Poker Promotions 2024

PokerStars scores a big win over Bovada Poker in regards to promotions. PokerStars has always been one of the best online poker rooms for exciting and rewarding promos. Bovada Poker on the other hand tends to run very few promotions. Larger rooms can outspend smaller rooms and this is the case when you compare the promotions at Poker Stars with those at Bovada Poker.

PokerStars spends more money on promotions in a single day than Bovada Poker does in an entire month. PokerStars runs many tournament based promotions like the SCOOP and WCOOP series. They also give away millions of dollars each month via freerolls. Bovada also offers freerolls, but they are not as frequent and do not have comparable prize pools. Bovada Poker does score some points for their Royal Flush bonus and Badbeat bonus, which Poker Stars does not offer.

During any given month Poker Stars will be running 5-10 special promotions, 5-10 ongoing promotions and a wide range of regional based promos. Bovada Poker does occasionally offer a seasonal promotion but for the most part there are only 5-6 promotions that run all year round.

Bovada Poker does not offer anything that can compete with the PokerStars VIP program. This program is the best the industry has ever seen and it beats any other room’s promotions all by itself.

Bovada Poker Versus Poker Stars Cash Games and Tournaments in 2024

The PokerStars Vs. Bovada Poker debate isn’t even really a debate when it comes to cash games, sitngos and multi-table tournaments. PokerStars has the volume and selection to beat any their five closest competitors combined. Traffic and selection are not the only important factors being considered though. The availability of soft action is equally important. Many would assume that it is easier to find a soft table at a poker site with thousands of active real money tables. This is true to an extent, but when I compare the action at both of these rooms Bovada is a clear winner when it comes to the percentage of easy to beat games.

PokerStars may have hundreds of thousands of players logged in at any given time, but how many tables do you plan to play at simultaneously? If you only play at one or two tables then all of that excess traffic is meaningless. The large number of tables gives you more choices, but if you were to randomly sit down at a table at both rooms you will likely find Bovada Poker much easier to win money at. This is in large part due to the number of sports bettors and casino gamblers who frequent the poker tables. Poker Stars only offers a poker room so they do not have a high percentage of loose players based on their overall traffic.

Game variety is another important aspect to consider and PokerStars crushes Bovada Poker and nearly every other poker site. Here is a breakdown of the game variety at each of these poker rooms:

  • PokerStars – 10 regular card games, four mixed poker games and Zoom Poker
  • Bovada Poker – 5 regular card games

PokerStars offers twice as many regular poker games compared to Bovada. These include 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, 2-7 Single Draw and Razz Poker. PokerStars is also the leading poker site for mixed poker games. Their line-up includes H.O.R.S.E, 8-Game, Triple Stud and Hold’em/Omaha.

Zoom Poker is a new service offered by Pokerstars. It is comparable to Rush Poker. When you fold a hand you are transferred to a new table right away. You will receive a new hand and will be sitting with different players. Zoom Poker doubles the number of hands you can play in an hour and you will not feel rushed at all.

Poker Stars also dominates Bovada Poker in regards to sitngos and tournaments. PokerStars made their name in the competitive world of online poker by running a large number of tournaments and offering huge prize pools. Since then they have also built the best sitngo community in the world. If you added all of the prize pools at Bovada Poker up for a week it would be lower than what PokerStars runs in a day. Pokerstars holds the world record for the largest online poker tournament.

This includes the number of entrants and for the size of the prize pool. Pokerstars runs several notable tournament series including the SCOOP and the WCOOP, the largest poker tournament series online. PokerStars also boasts a wide range of different formats for both sitngos and tournaments. These innovative formats include Fifty-50 sitngos, Time Tourneys and Hyper-turbos to name a few. Bovada Poker offers some small to moderate tournaments but most people play there for the cash games.

PokerStars Vs Bovada Poker Deposit and Cashout Options in 2024

This section will cover the other major facets of a poker room including banking, support and software. Bovada Poker holds a big advantage concerning support. They simply give you more methods in which to contact support and they have faster response times. Banking is a little harder to judge. Bovada Poker does a good job with deposits and payouts when compared to other US poker rooms.

PokerStars has always been one of the fastest paying rooms, even when they accepted Americans. Their payout speed and the number of options has only increased since they left the US market, but since only Americans will be playing at Bovada Poker I consider them equal in regards to deposits and cash-outs since they are one of the best rooms for Americans.

The software at these two rooms also ranks similarly. The PokerStars software has a few more bells and whistles, but from a poker players perspective they are both excellent when it comes to speed, function and looks.