Zoom Poker

Strategy Behind Zoom Poker Guide 2024

The biggest difference between PokerStars’ Zoom Poker and regular style poker is the fact that Zoom is so much faster than regular style. The games are constantly changing and so too are the players who you are pitted against.

With the poker that you are used to, playing hand after hand helps you develop a strategy and be able to pick out the weaker players from the ones who you may want to avoid a 1v1 match-up with.

We have put this Zoom Poker Strategy Guide to help you take advantage of this fast formatted game. Many players who just like the “Rush” of gambling and seeing lots of hands, will quickly dumping off their money at these games.

So you want to be ready when the moment comes, and you can have easy double ups. Even more important, you need to be playing the proper strategy in these games. So, read this strategy guide careful, and you will enjoy winning at PokerStars’s Zoom Poker Tables.

Zoom Poker Strategy Guide – Gameplay Speed

The general consensus is that Zoom Poker moves at 4 times the speed of regular poker and this is obviously a huge difference than what you, I, or anyone else is used to. Most players think they are big shots and able to take over this new style of play, so they immediately start by opening 4 tables at the same time. Opening the maximum amount of tables will do more to hurt you than it will help you.

When you first begin playing Zoom Poker open just one table and really focus on the game to get a hang of it. When you first begin playing do not be so quick to fold, rather, hang on to your hands and examine how other players act and play, you will quickly notice the difference.

As you grow accustomed to the speed and flow of Zoom Poker then you can move up to adding 2, 3, and even 4 tables at once. If you are going to jump into Zoom Poker thinking that you are a pro, be ready to be chewed and spit back up feeling like you just got robbed of your money.

Treat Zoom Poker like you treated any other online poker when you first started playing, it is an animal in its own rite.

Zoom Poker Tips – Fast-Folding

When you think about playing a hand in Zoom Poker, whether your hand is decent or great, think about the fact that any and all players who had trash have likely folded, and the ones that remain will probably have pretty good hands.

When playing your game pre-flop, do not be so generous with your bets and raises simply because you have an ok hand, because while your hand may be alright, theirs has a good chance of being better. If you have played online poker for a while you know how to be smart about your play, but it is even more important in this high-paced atmosphere.

Like any other style of play, you have to be aware of your position at the table and just how many opponents are left after the others have hit the fast-fold button. By sticking to your guns and what you have learned throughout your experience in playing poker, you will quickly begin to understand how to play with the fast-fold button and take advantage of inexperienced or just flat-out stupid players.

Zoom Poker Tips – Huge Player Pools

I touched on this a bit above, but the fact that you are going to be matched up with a minimum of a few hundred and a maximum of a few thousand players means that a lot of strategy you have gained from traditional poker play goes out the window. In the regular style of poker play you are seated with just a few other players and within a few hands you are able to gauge the skill levels and mentally record the tendencies of certain players.

By making these mental notes you can swiftly wreak havoc on the inexperienced players while knowing when to steer clear of a player who may have the upper hand on you.

Also unlike the type of online poker which you are used to, Zoom Poker games are much more anonymous (though not completely anonymous), meaning that if you meet the same player twice, you may not even realize it. A lot of dedicated players, when playing Zoom Poker, take notes of opponents who are noticeably weak or, like I said before, flat-out stupid.

Sticking to your notes and having a good memory (this requires paying close attention) you can pounce on a weaker opponent when you see them. In some cases a player may fold and still sit at a particular table just to see how other players react to certain situations; and then take note of their actions.

The fact that the player pools are so large means that it is unlikely your recent run of play will be able to intimidate players. For example, let’s say that you keep getting awesome hands and as logic would tell you, you keep upping the ante before the flop.

While your pre-flop raises may intimidate a few players for a round or two, by the time the third or fourth round of pre-flop raises rolls around, you will most likely be playing with a whole new set of players who are likely not intimidated by you or your raises one bit.

Keep your style refined and stick to a gameplan, bouncing around from playing extremely aggressive one hand to taking it easy another will mess you up and your own gameplay will begin to confuse you.

PokerStars Zoom Poker Guide – Blind Playing Strategy

In Zoom Poker, savvy blind play can get you far at the same rate that it can kill your bankroll. Zoom Poker is set up that the player in the small-blind is always given the option to hit the fast-fold button.

Obviously if the small-blind player sticks with the table they are not going to do so with a sub-par hand. This makes the player in the small blind one of the most dangerous at the table each and every time they decide to stick it out and play the hand.

The big blind, on the other hand, is not given the option to fast-fold which means while one hand they may have an awesome hand and the next hand they are on their one crutch limping into the game. The advantage that the player in the big blind has is that they can see the actions of all the other players before making a move, just like they can in normal poker.

This means that if the big blinded player sees only one or two players call the blind, he may be dealing with a particularly weak field, on the other hand, if a lot of players have matched the blind and he or she has a bad hand, it may be a sign for them to move on to the next table; sacrificing whatever money they have already wagered or paid in on the blind.

Players recognize that Zoom Poker play is extremely careful, and players who think they can bluff or simply think they have a good hand when they don’t commonly raise ever so slightly towards the end of the hand.

The best strategy I can offer you is to simply stick to your wits, if you have a good hand and feel that a raise is necessary, raise with some fervor and don’t do so timidly. While you are only risking a small amount with a tiny raise, players will see that as weak move and will demolish you in no time.

When playing Zoom Poker, while the game is completely different than anything you are used to, it most definitely does not require a complete overhaul in how you play the game. At the end of the day the better players will, in the long-run, overpower the weaker ones.

The minute you begin to give your gameplay a new identity is the same time that you are going to see your money fly out of your pockets and into the pockets of your opponents.

Zoom Poker is without a doubt the most exciting way to play the game and it sure as hell beats waiting around for players who seem to use up their allotted time every time. If you are new to Zoom Poker, respect the game, do not stroll into a player pool thinking that you are top dog unless you are more than ready to get knocked down a few pegs.